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Compact By Design

Compact Linear and Rotary Products for Conveyor Systems

Compact hydraulic and pneumatic products provide the most power in the smallest package available in the market today.

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Dairy Parlors

Dairy Farms in NY needed help with failing trunion mounted tie-rod cylinders that were slowing down the milking process.

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Multi-Probe Equipment

A manufacturer of equipment to test chip packages required a smaller cylinder to fit into their design envelope for a new multiprobe machine.

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Radiation Therapy

A design team needed high-precision motion control for a beam diffusing control block. Difficulty finding a pneumatic cylinder company that could achieve required stroking speeds and consistency.

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Cold Cut Gripper Saves Time and Money

Compact Automation provides a unique custom workholding product to meet strict FDA guidelines.

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Robotic Gripper

A customer required a custom cylinder for a robotic end effect gripper for a 2.5" disc drive testing tool.

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