Linear Tables

Linear Tables

NIASA linear tables are translating units, applicable to practically any precise positioning problem. In combination with a rotary device a fourth axis for radial positioning can be provided.

They can be combined manually in their simplest version, or by CNC, and can move small loads and large loads, always with reduced energy consumption.

The linear tables are light, modular and easy-to-assemble units, either separately or combined with each other. They can be in assembled on one, two or three axes, thereby achieving the optimal solution for an infinity of applications.

They are equipped with high precision recirculating ball guideways allowing smooth and low noise operation. They also incorporate high precision laminated or rectified ball screws (depending on the positioning tolerance); and there is also the possibility of installing pre-loaded double nuts, in order to eliminate, or reduce to the desired value, the backlash between the nut and screw. Although less frequently, they are also supplied with trapezoidal screws, for applications with low speed and low precision.

Standard linear table: SLT

This is the most versatile linear table. It is a compact design, suitable for working with large loads on any of the three axes (X, Y, Z).

At the customer's request they can be manufactured with protection bellows, especially protected for operating in dusty environments; the exterior insulation is not hermetic, but a high level of protection can be achieved. Take the useful course of the unit into account in these cases.

Wide linear table: WLT

It is a model with the same specifications as the previous model (SLT), of the designed for applications that require a greater support surface for the load. Its carriage and base plate are therefore special, and increase the span of the unit.

The WLT-RL (left-right) variant of this version is useful for applications that require simultaneous movements in opposite directions.

Covered linear table: CLT:

These translation units are almost identical to the standard linear tables, but they are equipped with a metal cover that protects the most sensitive components of the system (guides, screws, nuts, bearings, etc).

This type of protection is more robust than the standard linear table bellows, which are susceptible to deterioration in aggressive environments, especially with welding and other projecting elements at high temperatures, sharp shavings, etc. Also, the stroke is not reduced by the protecting cover because the carriage moves over the cover from one end of the table to the other.

Strap linear table: SLT:

Its main specifications are the same as those of the previous model (CLT), but in this case a system of belt and pulleys (instead of screw-nut) enables higher working speeds, although with lower positioning precision.

Rack linear guide: ZLG:

These are translation units with no travel limitation, based on a system that combines a rack and pinion and precision ball guides. They are renowned for precision and rigidity, they are compact and have high quality features, enabling smooth and silent movements, even with large loads.

In dirty environments, they can be fitted with protection bellows. They are manufactured in three sizes and at practically any length.