Guided Pneumatic Cylinder Products

guided pneumatic cylinder, guided air cylinder, dual rod guided cylinder
GC2000 series guided cylinders outperform conventional non-rotating cylinders and is designed for short stroke, limited space applications where a cylinder is needed that guides and supports its own load. GC2000 series cylinders are designed for both torsion and direct side load.

GC3000 and 4000 series guided air cylinders are highly space efficient devices designed to bridge the gap between expensive ball bearing slides and zero load bearing non rotating cylinders.

GC 2000 Series


  • Compact envelope
  • Two external guide rods
  • Oil impregnated guide bushings
  • Two mounting surfaces and a large tooling plate
GC3000 Series


  • GC3000 features two long guide bushings in the head end. The guide rods do not extend beyond the back of the cylinder body, thus providing a short overall length and low unit weight. 
GC4000 Series


  • GC4000 features four long guide bushings, two per end. The guide rods extend beyond the back of the cylinder body so when the cylinder extends, four point support reduces deflection and extends the life under full loads.

All guided cylinders come with a tooling plate that features one or more bolt patterns. Some of these bolt patterns match a selection of our 2 or 3 jaw angular type grippers.