Angular Grippers

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Our angular grippers represent the lowest cost design. The air cylinder is an integral component of the overall angular grippers product length. The piston actuator pushes the cam, or yoke, forward, rocking/pivoting the jaws to the open position.

The pull stroke closes the angluar grippers jaws. A four way valve circuit is required for control. Both two and three jaw designs are offered. Available in round and square body styles.

Our angular grippers are designed for use in industrial applications such as robotics, pick-n-place, automated assembly, and manipulator/tooling. All units feature a self-contained, double-acting actuator. Angular grippers can be mounted to any manufacturer’s robot, manipulator or actuator by way of an adapter flange. Low unit weight, high output and compact size are features of all models. Special materials, tooling, and adapter flanges are available upon request.
Seal options, jaw options, sensor options, etc., can be easily added at assembly for prompt delivery of all variations.