Turn-Dex rotary actuator
Turn-Dex is a rotary actuator with an internal unidirectional clutch. The output shaft rotates in one direction only and remains at end of stroke while the actuator is reversed. Turn-Dex is available in two series: the Comp-Act, incorporating the Comp-Act actuator and the Turn-Act, incorporating the Turn-Act actuator.
Applications Include:
  • Turntable Work Stations
  • Drive Conveyor Rollers or Belts
  • Drive Material Feed Rollers
  • Ratchet Type Drive
  • Sheet Feed Material From a Stack
  • Perstalsis Pump Drive
  • Low Speed High Torque Motor
  • Product Mixing
Application Considerations:

Overrun: The output shaft can be manually rotated only in its drive direction. Large loads may coast after the actuator has stopped. The output shaft cannot be reverse rotated- Forcing it backwards could damage the Turn-Dex.

Accurate & Repeatable Positioning: Due to the overrun nature of the clutch external stops, brakes, roller and detents or shot-pins is required for accurate and repeatable positioning.

Special Options:Turn-Act will provide customized units to fit your specific application needs. Modifications include special shafting, special mounts, dutch housings with shot-pin cylinders, disc brakes and thrust protection. Consult your Compact distributor for additional information.