Bevel Gearboxes

Bevel Gearboxes

NIASA bevel gearboxes are used universally in almost all types of industry.

They transfer energy through conical gears, with spiral teeth in optimized geometry. They are manufactured from tempered steel, cut according to Klingelnberg/Gleason standards and overlapped. One of the gears is mounted on a dual-supported bushing, while the other gear is overhanging. The standard play between the sides of the teeth is less than 1 0 angular minutes, and may be less than 6 at the customer's request.

The box, with a compact and highly rigid design, is made with modular iron and spherical graphite casting and is machined on the six sides.

The bevel gearboxes are supplied with ball bearings (standard) or conical bearings (at the customer's request), sealed and lubricated,depending on the load, speed, sonority, temperature, etc. It is lubricated with high-performance synthetic oil with the possibility for NSF-H1 approval for the food industry. A plastic viewer can optionally be installed for controlling the oil level.

The efficiency of the bevel gearboxes, depending on the torque transferred, the lubrication and the assembly position, is usually higher than 98%.

Ventilation is necessary for working temperatures over 50°C. Optionally aeration and venting filters manufactured in plastic with integrated grease separator are mounted. They are mounted on the sides of the gearbox with tube elbows.

The water/air-tightness of each box is guaranteed by means of O-rings and caps, and the water/air-tightness of the shafts with a radial retainer made from NBR, VitoĢn or PTFE, with or without a dust protection lip.

The bevel gearboxes can be supplied under the ATEX directive. And also with the motor/servomotor already assembled. For further information, contact NIASA.