Comp-Act Rotary Actuator Series

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Rotary actuator products whether used independently or with other fluid power motion control devices promise long term performance. The following information represents only a few of the application possibilities for rotary actuator components. Feel free to contact one of our authorized distributors or the Compact office for your specific application requirements.

  • 15 rotary actuator base models with torque outputs from 9 in.lbs to 100 in.lbs.
  • Rotations 90,180 & 270 degrees.
One moving part providing:
  • Zero Backlash
  • No loss of motion
  • Smooth Rotation
  • Precise Repeatability
  • Continuous full torque throughout the rotation
Patented Urethane seals for:
  • Rotary actuator long cycle life and non-lube service
  • Actual applications with 25 million cycles and more
  • 100’s of standard rotary actuator options and modifications
  • Adjustable Stroke Control
  • Infinite rotational adjustment for the precise rotation required.
  •  Retract or extend the stop screw to either increase or decrease the rotation.