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    Collet Closer, pneumatic collet closer, collet mandrels

    Collet Closers

    Collet closer are used worldwide in the metalworking industry for their high accuracy and high output gripping of tools and work pieces. Compact Automation Products has chosen 3 popular collet sizes: 1C, 3C and 5C to design our space efficient collet fixtur...

    pneumatic clamp cylinders, pneumatic clamping cylinders, twist cylinder

    Twist Cylinder

    Compact pneumatic twist cylinders are linear motion compact cylinders with an internal cam that provides 90 deg swing motion.   Twist cylinders are ideal swing clamps for automated and semi automated assembly and work holding found in circuit board asse...

    angular grippers, angular gripper, angle gripper

    Angular Gripper

    Our angular gripper represents the lowest cost design. The air cylinder is an integral component of the overall gripper length. The piston actuator pushes the cam, or yoke, forward, rocking/pivoting the jaws open. The pull stroke closes the jaws. A fou...

    CI Series Intensifiers, cutting fluid

    CI Series Intensifiers

    CI series Compact Intensifiers are simple generic boosters that utilize a large pneumatic piston to intensify oil pressure with a smaller piston. The Product range includes 24 models. All are designed to be highly space efficient and low weight. The pressu...

    parallel gripper, parallel grippers, pneumatic parallel gripper

    Parallel Grippers

    Parallel motion grippers represent a highly versatile and flexible design. The integral pneumatic cylinder pushes the jaws open. The jaws slide along two hardened guide rods providing rigid, long lasting true parallel motion.  The pull stroke closes the...

    Magnetic Gripper, magnetic grippers, pneumatic magnetic gripper, electromagnetic gripper

    Magnetic Grippers

    The Compact® magnetic gripper is great for picking up ferromagnetic materials such as iron or steel in applications where other types of grippers and vacuum cups are currently being utilized. Our four new models with grip forces from 20 to 130 lbs. are now ...