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    Comp-Act Series, rotary actuator, rotary actuators, actuators rotary

    Comp-Act Series

    Features: 15 rotary actuator base models with torque outputs from 9 in.lbs to 100 in.lbs. Rotations 90,180 & 270 degrees. One moving part providing: Zero Backlash No loss of motion Smooth Rotation Precise Repeatability Continuous full torque thr...



    Turn-Dex is a rotary actuator with an internal unidirectional clutch. The output shaft rotates in one direction only and remains at end of stroke while the actuator is reversed. Turn-Dex is available in two series: the Comp-Act, incorporating the Comp-Act ...

    vane actuator, rotary vane actuator, rotary torque actuator, brute series actuators

    Brute Rotary Vane Actuator

    Vane Actuator Features: 25 vane actuator base models with torque outputs from 400 in.lbs to 5200 in.lbs. Rotations 90, 110, 180, 270 & 290 degrees.   One moving part providing: Zero Backlash. No loss of motion Smooth Rotation Precise Repea...

    Multi Motion Devices, Multi Position Devices, Multi Position Actuator

    Multi-Act Series Multi Position Actuator

    Multi-Act integrated motion actuators have an output shaft which produces both linear and rotary motions. The linear and rotary motions may be operated independently and simultaneously. The Multi-Act series is available in three base sizes. Multi-Act’s ...

    Turn-Act Series Pneumatic Actuator, pneumatic actuator, rotary actuator pneumatic, rack and pinion actuator

    Turn-Act Series

    COMPACT® Turn-Act brand Rotary Vane Actuators have only one moving part which produces rotary motion with ZERO Backlash, 100% repeatability and continuous full torque. The actuator utilizes patented urethane seals which permit long cycle life and non-lube s...

    OEM Series

    OEM Series

    Features Torque output of 9 to 1000 Inch Pounds Adjustable Rotations Reed and Hall effect switches Only one moving part Non Lube service Low cost solution  

    Val-U-Act Series Spring Return Actuator, spring return actuator, worm drive actuator, spring return operator

    Val-U-Act Series Spring Return Actuator

    Spring Return Actuator Features: Heavy Duty Double Acting Ball Valve Systems Valve sizes from ¼” to 3” 140 in.lbs to 800 in.lbs Spring Return Valve operators Single acting with spring close or open Valve Operator Systems   Spring Return operator...

    H05TA Double Acting 1-4 Turn Valve Operator

    Hydraulic Valve Operator Series (500 & 3000 psi)

    Double Acting 1/4 Turn Valve Operator 76 ft. lbs. to 240 ft. lbs. ITT Vane Actuators provide the highest torque in the smallest package. Compared to other rotary devices, ITT Vane Actuators Have One Moving Part Providing: ZERO Backlash No ...

    Maintenance and Repair Kits

    Maintenance and Repair Kits

    Our repair kits contain everything you need to maintain and repair your Compact Cylinder and Rotary Actuator products.    Tools Our specialized assembly tools are available for purchase to aid you with installation of your maintenace and repair ki...