ITT Compact is a premier supplier of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, rotary actuators and custom motion control products for packaging applications worldwide. 


Learn from our experts how our motion control products can help you achieve better throughput, minimize safety issues and achieve longer equipment uptime. Our team of engineering experts are ready to assist you with your critical application needs. 

Compact is known for offering the smallest package in a given bore size. Yes – the Compact name accurately describes the product. Compact offers bore sizes from 8 millimeters to 8 inches with forces up to 5,000 pounds. Contact us today to discover all of our products and services.

Compact produces highly configurable and flexible products. Tools such as our online configurators make it easy to select from available options and quickly build a part number, see for yourself in this video demonstration. We offer more standard options than any other company in the industry. Ability to quickly create modified standards and special products to meet customer needs including delivery of customer approval drawings in 48 hours. Our customer service staff boasts an average tenure of more than 20 years so we have the experience to help solve customer problems.

Compact cylinders and workholding products are created with materials suitable for hazardous environments within the smallest package and the highest forces available, last for decades, yet are fully field repairable and backed by a highly experienced and  knowledgeable customer service team.


Now, highly-engineered electric actuation solutions from NIASA are exclusively available through Compact Automation in the United States and Canada.

• Screw Jacks
• Linear Actuators
• Rodless Mechanical Cylinders
• Linear Tables

 These products cover a large force range, from an estimated 1,000 to over 100,000 lbs. Like Compact Automation products, NIASA high performing actuation products are highly configurable and designed to last for years. 
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