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High-performance, reliability, precise positioning comes in small light weight packages.

Compact Automation workholding products offer precise and reliable control combined with the smallest envelope sizes to a given force range. Thoughtfully designed with standard or custom options, we pack power, configurability and repairability into a surprisingly small and light weight package.

The Compact workholding line-up offers reliable, long-lasting performance in an array of applications such as robotic end-of-arm tooling where durability is critical to the automation process. Our workholding products not only increase your productivity, they decrease your total cost of ownership while maintaining equipment uptime.

We Offer Workholding Products for Many Applications:

  • Composite Cylinders: Our hollow rod design enables the user to have an extremely light weight vacuum capable cylinder for end-of-arm tooling type applications.
  • Magnetic Grippers: Ideal for ferromagnetic materials that have proven to be a challenge for clamping grippers — such as iron and steel — these new solutions deliver a consistently rapid grip speed whether they’re picking up complex shapes, flat sheets or perforated sheets. And their streamlined design means they require fewer tool changes and less time spent on maintenance.
  • Collet Closers: Used worldwide in the metalworking industry, these space-efficient solutions deliver high accuracy and high-output gripping of tools and work pieces. Two designs are available, powered by pneumatic or hydraulic pressure.
  • Twist Cylinder: These linear motion compact cylinders feature an internal cam that provides 90º swing motion in either direction. Designed for automated and semi-automated assembly, they also make unique conveyor stops, diverters and escapements thanks to their compact size and versatile mounting.
  • Angular Motion Grippers: Low cost, high performance. These grippers come in two- and three-jaw designs for greater application flexibility.
  • CI Series Intensifiers: These rugged, low-weight boosters use a large pneumatic piston to intensify oil pressure with a smaller piston. 24 models are available, each designed for optimum space efficiency.
  • Parallel Grippers: With a highly versatile and flexible design, this solution features two hardened guide rods for rigid, long-lasting, true parallel motion.

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