Multi-Probe Equipment

Application Problem:

A manufacturer of equipment to test chip packages required a smaller cylinder to fit into their design envelope for a new multiprobe machine. Initially using a competitor's 40mm x 25mm product, they realized they did not have enough room. ITT asked to supply a cylinder with same bore and stroke but shave valuable millimeters off installation space. 

The machine featured 4 test regions with each region consisting of 16 cylinders working in pairs to press and secure each board into a test socket.

ITT Custom Solution:
  • ITT's standard inch series S158x1 was smaller than the competition and immediately solved the problem. 
  • To maximize space and ease of production assembly ITT created a cylinder manifold featuring (8) cylinders in-line. 
  • Each cylinder section has twin switch rails to accommodate flush mount position sensors.  Special undersized ports and special mounting holes were included to install the manifold and mount other devices to the manifold. 
  • Bottom boring of the manifold was utilized to add the switch magnets to avoid an increase to frame length.
Customer Benefit:

The customer is extremely happy and sells 50-75 units per year with each machine consisting of eight of these manifolds and 64 switches. 

Product Focus:
Inch Cylinders
Custom Cylinders

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