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If you’re a manufacturer, getting products and materials from Point A to Point B efficiently and reliably is a big part of getting things done. When something holds up one part of production, it can lead to costly problems throughout your entire line. Smooth, continuous conveyance is key. And that’s exactly what Compact Automation Rotary Vane Actuators provide.
Compact Automation Rotary Vane Actuators are unique among rotary devices. Thanks to a design that features only one moving part, they’re capable of producing rotary motion with absolutely no backlash, 100% repeatability and continuous, full torque throughout the rotation. In other words, you get predictable results and high performance, day after day.
That’s not all.  Compact Automation Rotary Vane Actuators have innovation in their bones. From their machined aluminum heads to the Gold Seal — a patented polyurethane seal that provides smooth rotation with minimal leak rates and low-pressure breakaways for millions of cycles — every part is precisely engineered for optimum performance.
A patented rotor/vane assembly eliminates the possibility of shaft rotation in the rotor and permits the use of a wide variety of shaft materials. Large air inlets allow rapid air entry and exhaust for incredible response time. And a patented extrusion combines tube, stator and bolt lobes into a one-piece unitized body for greater torsional rigidity. As a result, the unit can stop and hold shaft loads internally while effectively transmitting shocks to its mountings.

Compact Automation can also customize our rotary vane actuator design to meet your precise application requirements. Frequently, simple modifications such as a shorter shaft, change in port size or relocated mounting hole can make a big difference and can be achieved using our convenient online configurator. And thanks to our deep engineering experience, we’re able to make the process quick, easy and cost-effective.
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