Experience the Power of the Compact Automation Magnetic Grippers

Fast, efficient, precise positioning of goods and materials in automated processes.

Precision performance is key when you rely on automation to get things done. Even minor setbacks in your automated process can add up over time, adding labor costs and reducing productivity. You need to know that every part of your operation will pull its own weight. And that’s exactly what you get with Compact Automation’s Magnetic Grippers.

Our magnetic grippers are great for a variety of applications

With fewer moving parts than typical angular or parallel grippers, Compact’s Magnetic Grippers pack a lot of performance into a small package. Their unique design makes them ideal for ferromagnetic materials such as iron and steel that may be a challenge for clamping with traditional grippers. They deliver a consistent rapid grip speed regardless of whether they’re picking up complex shapes, flat or perforated sheets. And their streamlined design means they require fewer tool changes and less time spent on maintenance.
Four models and grip forces ranging from 20 to 130 lbs. make ITT Compact Automation Magnetic Grippers perfect for a variety of applications, including pick-and-place systems, robotic end-of-arm tooling, conveyors, feeders and separators. No matter what your application, you’ll be assured of exceptional safety. Our grippers maintain a firm hold on whatever they’re lifting — even with the loss of pneumatic pressure.

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 Magnetic grippers are just one of the ways we deliver more for our customers. Compact has deep engineering experience with the cylinders and actuators used in industrial automation. While we design and offer our own products, we also work with customers to achieve their personal or unique custom application solutions. Want to learn what we can do for you? Let’s talk.

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