Dairy Parlors

Application Problem:

Dairy Farms in NY needed help with failing trunion mounted tie-rod cylinders that were slowing down the milking process. 

The farms also required assistance with custom herringbone gate double-rod cylinders (130" long, etc) where rod seals were constantly leaking and causing over-run by the compressor system to manage air loss.

Custom Solution:
  • Turn-Act custom designed drop-in replacement cylinders.
  • Improved sealing strategy and rod scraper to prevent contamination damage to rod seals in dusty environment. 
  • Double-rod custom cylinder designed to stroke independently at either end or simultaneously. 
  • Unitary center cap with Delrin glide pad to reduce rod side loading for long-stroke cylinder.

Customer Benefit:
  • Dairy parlor operation realized an immediate 15% improvement in product output.
  • Legacy installed gate and milking stall equipment functioned "like new" again.
Product Focus:

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