Maximum power in a small package —
even in the most challenging applications.
Meet Compact Automation’s Air Springs

Regardless of your industry, the need to get more out of your machines is universal. More power, more efficiency, more safety, more ease, more life.
Compact Automation air springs are precisely engineered to deliver just that across the most demanding industrial applications, including the pulp and paper, lumber mill and automotive assembly industries.
Acting as both an isolator and actuator, our air springs provide airtight and sturdy actuation to reduce the harmful effects of vibration in typical linear and angular motion applications, and can simultaneously isolate vibration and regulate load height, as well as allow for consistent vibration isolation under varying loads.
Compact air springs accept a wide variety of actuation media such as air, water, nitrogen or anti-freeze, and can operate effectively within small envelope constraints. And though they are highly durable for a long life, they are designed for fast, affordable and easy repair. In fact, they can be overhauled in the field in minutes.
Through constant evaluation and testing, we bring our customers the most cost-effective products with more features, greater performance and improved ease of use for every application requirement.
Our wide assortment of air springs meets a variety of actuation or isolation needs. Want to learn more about how our products can help you achieve your installation goals? Let’s talk.

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